We are a collective of Old School die hard skateboarders who have never stopped chasing the thrill of the perfect carve, the speed of a great rolling longboard and the heart pounding excitement of chasing your mates on a skateboard.

Through injury for a few of us the days of being able to push a deck stopped a few years ago. And the pain and dissapointment was too great so we started to look into what we could get on. And we discoverd Electric Skateboards.

So we went out and bought a few but were so dissapointed with what we got and the surrounding hype. That we thought surely there was a better option… and then we started thinking what if… What if we built our own and STREET Electric Skateboards was born.

Our mission is to put you on the best electric skateboard / longboard to give you the freedom and mobility to get to whereever your heart takes you.